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SMEA is the Future

Semiconductor manufacturing industry is a 500 Billion USD industry and it has shown only growth trends for the past three decades. The demand for quality semiconductors has only increased over the years and this has created a huge supply demand gap in the industry. Many organisations shy away from scaling up the production because of the complexity of the process and the strict discipline they must maintain in the whole process.

Cycloides helps organization fill this gap and increase and optimize productivity. We have 20+ years’ experience in semiconductor equipment automation and solutions. We offer an end to end solution consulting and development in Semiconductor Equipment automation. We have automated different kinds of equipment like Wet Bench, Dry Etch, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Ion Implant, Furnaces, Plating, Inspection, Metrology, Sorter etc.

  • The Cycloides Edge

    Human- Machine Interface application development and deployment are other fields that we have competencies on. With our strong domain knowledge in SEMI standards and practices we have filled the gap in automation of SEMI where finding companies with competencies and experience at par with the manufacturer itself is really difficult to find.

  • Value Proposition

    The most important benefit that Cycloides SMEA brings its clients is the minimization or completely elimination of losses in the manufacturing process. The data that automation brings to the table is extremely helpful to further the accuracy of processes. This would add to the ROI of SMEA. Another important value addition is the extremely low downtime. Since custom diagnostics could be developed to help with equipment self-diagnostics the down time and service visits can be planned to avoid losses during service visits

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