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Increased Productivity through RPA

Mundane repetitive tasks drain a lot of resources and energy from the organizations. The time taken for these tasks almost always slows the organization to a halt. The core ideology behind RPA is to transform these processes to an Automated Process Tool that will do these jobs must faster and with greater accuracy.

Cycloides has the technical competency to understand even the most complicated processes automate them. We have built a dedicated process team to explore ways to build better processes and user stories than the existing legacy systems and implement them

  • The Cycloides Edge

    Cycloides understands the pain points of any organization that is trying to bring in RPA into their processes. The first and foremost is to identify the areas where RPA can be implemented- the tactics and benefits. The philosophy of Cycloides is to implement RPA strategically so that the organization can claim maximum benefits from it. Cycloides will help organizations to figure out ways to identify high volume, repetitive tasks that can be automated and delivers a stable error free solution with a deep learning algorithm built in to further enhance the speed at which the processes are run.

    Another major pain points every organization face is RPA’s launch and implementation. Cycloides Technology Consulting Group can help any organization in devising a strategy to roll the solution out in a phased manner without affecting the productivity of the team the RPA is supposed to help enhance. All RPA tools are created keeping in mind the end user and designed to keep the learning curve to a minimum.

  • The Cycloides Advantage

    In many organizations that we have worked on implementing Process Automation we have seen upwards of 200% ROI. We believe execution is key to RPA projects and Cycloides have proven time and again that it can be done with utmost efficiency and care while taking every stake holder into confidence.

    Due to our expertise in Robotics, AI and Machine Learning Cycloides’ Technology Consulting Group is following and has created multiple best practices for the industry that are being tested and proven productive for many of our clients across the world.

  • ROI from RPA

    Machine Learning Enabled RPA create positive transformation and can create upwards of 200% ROI. Next wave of Digital Transformation is here, Cycloides is Industry 4.0 ready.

Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain
Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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