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VR and AR- The new reality

The fusion of real and virtual world and the creation of virtual environments that are built around a person’s sensory input has been fascinating and catching the imagination of all Cycloides Engineers since its inception. Virtual and Augmented Reality technology has been creating ripples across the world and is revolutionizing the way we play our games, watch movies or even attend classroom. Entertainment, Medicine, Education, Designing and almost every industry vertical is already enjoying the fruits of augmented and virtual reality.

  • The Cycloides advantage

    Cycloides is working with industry forerunners to create great experiences and exploring the options of using Augmented reality in Robotics. Research and Development of integrating augmented / virtual reality to legacy systems is already going on in our labs. Another area of interest for Cycloides is the use of AI and Machine Learning integrations with augmented and virtual reality simulations. Virtual reality can help a great deal in cost efficiently creating a deep learning eco-system by simulating real world scenarios into AI systems.

    Use of this technology in retail and pharmaceutical industry is another core focus for Cycloides. We are exploring and executing different avenues for integrating the technology with our other core focus areas and technologies that Cycloides focuses on. Integrating sensory inputs into projects gives whole different dimension for us to capitalize on.

  • Value Addition

    The ability of these projects to create unexpected outputs is what excites us and at the same time present the challenge to go forward and bring innovation in the vertical. We are continuously challenging ourselves to use this disruptive technology to the maximum. We have trained ourselves beyond the realms of reality to augment user experiences and create new ones

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Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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