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Engaging Cycloides’ Product Engineering Consulting and Engagement Team is an effective and efficient way to conceptualize, design and execute your project. Cycloides will give expert consultancy services to your Project Manager and Software Architect to produce multiple project plans revolving around multiple project goals and use cases. The multiple design options we suggest would give the client clear concept about how the project could be executed with as much efficiency as it possibly can achieve. Each of these options would be structured, comprehensive and with an objective combination of Schedule, Resources, Risk and opportunities.

  • The Cycloides Edge

    Cycloides has the experience of more than 100 highly agile projects with great evolutionary dynamics. Our project designs are created using battle-prover analysis and designs concepts that stems from the architecture that the client has conceptualized. This would give the client the flexibility to come up with a system architecture they are most comfortable with and our engineering team would fit the design to meet every need, resource allocation and budget. The pre-requisite for the project design engagement is the clients’ system architecture.

    The analysis done by Cycloides team will cover all aspects and dependencies ranging from legacy systems, risks in transformation, to building services, UI design and testing. The time tested and dedicated tools, methodologies and best practices to estimate the duration and effort required to execute such a project. For each project design Cycloides will do critical path analysis to determine the overall time and material needed keeping in mind the availability of resources, project priorities, risks, opportunities and possibilities of parallel development. We also create a risk modelling to analyse risks even when there are legacy systems present and in cases where transformation can affect business or processes.

  • The Engagement

    This level of engagement in Engineering your product will put the client’s thoughts in perspective and with our experience, insights and tools the client can anticipate the behaviour of the project and how it is going to be affected if there is a resource limitation and what techniques can be used to tackle such an eventuality and thereby leveraging and coping with constraints.

Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain
Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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