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Industrial Manufacturing Revolution

Manufacturing is one of the major contributors to world economy. The more efficient the process the more profitable manufacturing becomes. Making the process most effective with the changing dynamics of technology requires constant innovation, integration of innovative ideas and adoption of latest production processes. Supply chain management and optimization is another major contributor to the efficiency of the process. This further increases the importance of innovation and development and adoption of latest technology in the future. The new industrial revolution has further revolutionized the manufacturing industry and staying ahead of the competitors has become a very important business need for manufacturing companies and corporations.

  • The Cycloides Advantage

    Reaching inventory accuracy and prediction, reaching production goals, accurate reporting and scalability without capital outlay are the major features of Cycloides Industrial ERP. The seamless integration with back office functions compliments the user experience.

  • The Value Addition

    We pride ourselves to the only Industrial Automation and Manufacturing system with an Integrated Programmable Logical Controller (PLC). This integrated framework keeps the organization future ready. The manufacturers who use our solution can create dynamic use cases and change processes without having to invest in a whole new ERP system. The PLC integrated architecture facilitates making amendments to the existing processes as painless as possible. The complex decision making involved in process change can also be simplified when our ERP provides an option for trial and error. The client can seamlessly backtrack in case further research is needed for fine tuning.

Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain
Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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