The Happiness Revolution !!

April 12, 2019

Sankar Sudarsanan, MarCom Manager & Happiness Officer @ Cycloides

The Happiness Revolution

Happiness, especially personal happiness at work has been researched repeatedly for many decades. I heard this story while researching on the topic, it goes something like this.

A teacher was talking to a group of 50 students and she said there are fifty balloons in the nearby room with their names on it and each one must find their own balloons in 5 minutes. A commotion ensued, when the kids ran from one balloon to another in search of their names and by the end of the five minutes only a couple of them had their own balloons. I think everyone can guess what the teacher asked them to do next. She asked the students to pick a random balloon and give it the right person and within the five minutes everyone had their own balloon. The story ends with the “lesson” that helping others to find happiness is the real reason for happiness. Well, I think differently.

There was this study by Gallup not so long ago about happiness at work and the results were staggering. About 92-98% of the people are disconnected with their jobs and unhappy employees cost the world anywhere between USD 450-550 billion a year in productivity loss. Now, that is an eye opener for everyone.

I think the students in the story were happy not only because they helped somebody else to be happy but also because they shared a story, a vision. They worked together, they had clear individual roles to perform, they were trusted to give the right balloon to the right person, and they were rewarded at the end with their own balloon. And that is the key to happiness at work and it is our philosophy for happiness in Cycloides.

At Cycloides we are starting a revolution- “The Happiness Revolution” that revolves around these key principles- a shared vision, individual challenges, trust & transparency and rewards. And we believe that a happy team in Cycloides uld make our clients happier. The revolution is at its very nascent stage, but we are creating positive change one step at a time and it is in our growth plan to improve the Key Happiness Indices by 30% by the end of this CY.

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