Hassle-free restaurant repair app from Get Resq Ltd, trusted by leading brands like Tim Hortons, KFC, A&W, Paramount, Pizza Hut.

The biggest problem with restaurant repair services is coordinating who will be coming in and when. Too often it is not convenient for either party. You need to get a hold of contractors, coordinate with their schedule, find a time that works for your business and theirs, then hope for the best. If you need another service at the same time, you may need to juggle or be at the mercy of one job finishing before the other.

All this takes time and effort that you would rather be spending on your business. Instead, pick the time when you want the service done and let RESQ find the contractor.

When you send the work order, multiple qualified contractors can be notified within minutes. They will have all the details and can even look into your logged service history. All this expedites the process and means that your order can be better serviced. Additionally, by RESQ performing the sales and billing department’s roles for the contractor, it frees them up to do more jobs. No need for them to account for administration downtime in their rates.

ResQ provides you with all of the information you need about prospective clients and their specific service request -right at your fingertips. Plus, with access to a greater client base, when one job is complete your next gig is just around the corner. Take more maintenance requests or, if you’re ready to call it a day, you can go offline at any time. It’s that simple. From service orders to invoicing – ResQ offers a single point of billing. No more paperwork. No more chasing down clients for money. No more headaches. Let us handle the business end of things, so that you can focus on what you do best. Receive positive feedback for a job well done and increase your profitability to prospective clientele. When you use ResQ, you’re securing your reputation with the biggest names in the restaurant business. That means, when you increase your brand’s reach through ResQ, you are also adding to the credibility of your work.