Peepul is an all inclusive medical education information system that serves both undergraduates and post graduates in the medical education field as well as all other allied health care programs. Peepul has a lot to offer to both the administrative staff as well as students using the system. It provides the staff with appropriate access to all student information required. In addition to banding together all this information, Peepul can be universally accessed from anywhere over the internet with proper system access, and since it is a cloud based system, the service can also be accessed through web, all you need is proper access ID's and passwords, or other secured authentication methods.

Key Features

  • Admissions
  • Curriculum Management & Curriculum Mapping
  • Learning Management System
  • Course Management, Scheduling & Clinical Rotation
  • Evaluations & Assessment
  • Student Portal & Surveys
  • Marketing , CRM & Analytics
  • Multi-Campus, Hostel/Housing & Accounts

Recent Projects

Ad Engine


360, beyond the primitive, boring business listing to showcase what makes businesses special in local community.


The first Polyglot Persistence Framework which supports SQL Server and Apache Couch DB.


Paie-Roll is a simplified approach to Canada payroll, best suited for small and medium businesses.

Winery ERP


360Winery is a user-friendly and end-to-end winery software that helps you track costs and manage all aspects of your winery business – from vine to wine!