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Our Integration services aims to connect various IT systems, hardware and software into one cohesive and well-functioning ecosystem. Our integration services help companies,their stakeholders,their customers and employees become better connected to the digital experiences of today,all the while delivering improved business results.

Our Integration services are intended to make sure different types of systems communicate and interact with eachother, enabling, from an organizational and user pointofview, alldata, applications, technologies and IT infrastructure to be integrated, consistent, fastandproductive. System integration can be seen as the phase that brings the different IT investments to their higher level of efficiency

We offer comprehensive IT integration services - from consultation, all the way to identification of business requirements,aswell as the design and implementation of solutions.

  • What we do

    • Analysis and design of IT solutions
    • Enterprise service bus (ESB) selection and implementation
    • Business process integration
    • Micro-services consultants
    • Multi-system integration
    • Software integration
    • System integration
    • Technology integration
    • Implementation and post-implementation support
    • High Availability Solutions
  • Data Integration Services

    We design automated integration solutions for merging data in disparate applications, file formats and Database,consolidating business processes and knowledge bases while ensuring complete data integrity during transfer. We integrate multiple datatypes,in addition to business logic schemas,using ETL(extract-transform-load) bestpractices and proven version control protocols.

  • Application Integrations

    Our system integration specialists provide Application Integration solutions, facilitating seamless communications between mission-criticalbusiness solutions.We have experience providing integrations for platforms that handle content management (CMS), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management(CRM), business intelligence, reporting and analytics, Gaming & Lottery.

  • API Integration Services

    We utilize best practices when integrating custom built, open-source and third-party APIs that interface disparate enterprise platforms and processes, add webservice functionality to applications,and synchronized at a formats across applications.Our API integration solutionsare executed with the aid ofpopularplatformslike Azure, MuleSoft's Anypoint, BizTalk, and DellBoomi.

  • When to use?

    IT integration services should be used when, you want to:

    • Integrate different systems
    • Create a continuous exchange of messages between different IT systems
    • Improve the quality of work and satisfaction of your customers
    • Provide for the exchange of data between databases supplied by different vendors
    • Implements elected features of one of the systems in other applications
    • Consolidate solutions in a single IT environment
    • Extend the functionality by upgrading the software version
  • Benefits

    Productivity of your investments:by integrating our customers’ different technological environments, we allow them to significantly improve the productivity of their IT assets and their return on investment.Optimization of business processes through the increased exchange of information between different IT systems

    Extending lifecycle of certain systems: some legacy systems may have problems to communicate well with more recent ones. Our integration services deal with such cases and can allow these systems to coexist which avoid replacing them in the short-term.

    Cost Optimization: by integrating the disparate technologies,we attain higher levels of productivity and reduction in costs due to more complete automation of organizational activities. Leading to increased productivity in the company through access to all the resources of the organization. Ensuring the smooth flow of information between different systems.

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