Cycloides's Matrix is the data driven architecture based equipment control solution built around .Net technology with other open source technologies. Matrix-Connect provides SECS/GEM standard compliant interfaces and Matrix-300 supports GEM 300 standards. Cycloides's next generation equipment control solutions allows equipment suppliers to focus on process technology and product differentiation, providing a sustainable solution for meeting the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Cycloides provides automated compliance test solutions using GEM & SECS compliance testing tools, EDA compliance testing tools and 300mm standard compliance testing tools.

Matrix - data driven semiconductor automation solutions make available the large amount of processed data from disparate equipment and providing the data to factory side application.

Success Stories


360Winery is a user-friendly and end-to-end winery software that helps you track costs and manage all aspects of your winery business – from vine to wine!


Hassle-free restaurant repair app from Get Resq Ltd, trusted by leading brands like Tim Hortons, KFC, A&W, Paramount, Pizza Hut.


Paie-Roll is a simplified approach to Canada payroll, best suited for small and medium businesses.


BOLO Mobile is a photo sharing application for law-enforcement only.