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Working with sophisticated technology, Cycloides has added real value to every High Tech vertical throughout the globe. Our clients have cruised past their competitors in implementing cutting edge technology in advanced electronics and knowhow. Our industrial expertise and highly qualified, experienced and trained engineers have combined to create a predictive analysis model to forecast trends and meet dynamic industry standards and demands.

Cycloides has evolved to avoid the internal myopia of not being able to identify the full potential of the technology and is adept to use the hi-tech business unit to its full potential and guide our clients towards avoiding pit falls in using the technology effectively and profitably.

  • The Cycloides Edge

    With the help of this predictive analysis modelling we have been able to predict issues and report them to planning and budgeting teams so that they could avoid costly show stoppers. Our clients have benefitted in many ways with this root-cause analysis procedure by optimizing many processes. Inventory management is one of the areas where our algorithm and expertise saved our clients from large meltdowns by preventing over stock and understock to name a few. Our products are best suited to high tech companies in Chemical and Petroleum, Consumer Products, Electronics, Telecom and Pharmaceuticals.

  • Making a Difference

    Hi-tech Business Unit has a trademark characteristic of affecting people’s and organization’s life irrespective of size or location. Cycloides understands these aspects and has catered to clients regardless of geography and sizes. As a by-product of the same we have been able to make ourselves proficient in Technology Transfer opportunities and services. With our expertise in the field we can suggest and implement the best advanced technology alternatives that would make Corporations, SMEs and Start-ups better equipped and supplement their efficiency.

  • Our Expertise

    Our projects in the Hi-Tech verticals include Radio Frequency Engineering, Industrial Automation, Product Engineering Services (PES) and Manufacturing and Automation. Return of Investment by Cycloides to our clients in these rapidly changing advanced technology sectors is matched only by its Quality Commitment that we as a company have implemented and follow religiously across all sectors.

Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain
Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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