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eScholaris is an all-inclusive online academic information management system

eScholaris is an all-inclusive academic information management system that serves both undergraduates and postgraduates education programs. eScholaris has a Lot to offer to both the administrative staff as well as students using the system. It provides the staff with appropriate access to all student information required. In addition to banding together all this information, eScholaris can be universally accessed from anywhere over the internet with proper system access, and since it is a cloud-based system, the service can also be accessed through the web. All you need is proper access IDs and passwords, or other secure authentication methods.

  • Multi-Campus Management

    The software has the capability to manage multiple campuses and departments under each campus thus enabling the institution to have a single database and management of multiple campuses while having the engine to accept applications into a single pool for multiple campuses. In the application, the student can select the campus of choice or the admissions office, an offer, a seat for a course/programme as per availability.

  • Student Portal

    A prospective student can apply for a course/programme online by creating an account where the application is electronically transported to the back office admissions for further processing. Here one can see admission status, marks cards, fee invoices & statement, internal communications and announcements. The student can also access the library, transportation and accommodation requests and responses. The student portal serves as the single window for a student to transact and retrieve relevant information.

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