B2B Sales Tool - Catálogo

Catálogo is a sales and B2B eCommerce platform that helps distributors and manufacturers grow. Catálogo makes managing your catalog and customers simple. You can export orders in CSV, PDF or integrate directly to your existing ERP/Order Management System.

Key Features

  • Easily invite new retailers to order
  • Brand showcase
  • Start promotions and campaigns that immediately convert into orders
  • Eliminate service phone calls
  • Design Unique Catalogs for  prospective retailers
  • Seamless integration with existing Order System
  • Quickly upload products
  • Multi-Level Pricing
  • State of the Art Architecture

Success Stories


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Hassle-free restaurant repair app from Get Resq Ltd, trusted by leading brands like Tim Hortons, KFC, A&W, Paramount, Pizza Hut.


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