Bolo Mobile LLC's BOLO Mobile is a photo sharing application for law-enforcement only. BOLO is a popular acronym among police departments meaning "Be On the Look Out".

In a world of instant visual information, BOLO Mobile is a mobile app that gives Police the instant access to photos that they need. When a photo is available, no longer will Officers need to base suspect searches and potential stops on images viewed during roll call.

In many cases today, members of your department have access to suspect images from crime scene surveilance systems, In-house databases such as mug-shot, or social media. Doesn't it make sense that ALL your staff should have that same access within seconds? The old adage that "A picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be truer in Law Enforcement.

Dispatchers and Detective Bureaus can easily diseminate photographs to Officers on the street from In-House databases like Mugshot, License, missing-person and composite drawings.

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