Big Data & Machine Learning

We are experts in the in the fast-evolving technologies of Big Data. Gathering and maintaining large collections of data is one thing, but extracting useful information from these collections is even more challenging. Big Data not only changes the tools one can use for predictive analytics, it also changes our entire way of thinking about knowledge extraction and interpretation. Traditionally, data science has always been dominated by trial-and-error analysis, an approach that becomes impossible when datasets are large and heterogeneous. Ironically, availability of more data usually leads to fewer options in constructing predictive models, because very few tools allow for processing large datasets in a reasonable amount of time.

At the edge of statistics, computer science and emerging applications in industry, this research community focusses on the development of fast and efficient algorithms for real-time processing of data with as a main goal to deliver accurate predictions of various kinds. To name only a few applications, think of business cases such as product recommendation, segmentation of customers, fraud detection or churn prevention. Machine learning techniques can solve such applications using a set of generic methods that differ from more traditional statistical techniques.

Cycloides Big Data Genius is the best data platform that helps empower technology and business teams to develop industry-specific insights and act on them very quickly and enables real-time discovery of data across internal systems and external sources also provides a framework that accelerates the creation of connectors to new information sources, enabling rapid discovery and extraction of relevant data. Cycloides expertise in Google BigQuery gives you real-time insights about your data.

Success Stories


360Winery is a user-friendly and end-to-end winery software that helps you track costs and manage all aspects of your winery business – from vine to wine!


Hassle-free restaurant repair app from Get Resq Ltd, trusted by leading brands like Tim Hortons, KFC, A&W, Paramount, Pizza Hut.


Paie-Roll is a simplified approach to Canada payroll, best suited for small and medium businesses.


BOLO Mobile is a photo sharing application for law-enforcement only.