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In the last decade agile methods have moved from being a cult technique to one of mainstream. Cycloides is one of the best Agile practitioners around and we offer our expertise to anyone who would want their processes to be consistent with Agile Processes and Practices. We believe communication is the key to transforming an organization to Agile processes. Furthermore, agile methods put a large premium on improving communication through face-to-face communication. As the agile manifesto states "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation."

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    Another aspect to transform your software development business is a ‘single open development space’ where the team can closely work together. This has far reaching ramifications in the process. This gives an opportunity to communicate between all stake holders of the project. This gives an opportunity and a paradigm shift in development cycle especially under stress. More communication would lead to dispersal of the stress that most software development life cycle teams has to go through.

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    Cycloides observed that Agile teams develop through four distinct stages of fluency. Fluency is how a team develops software under pressure. Anyone can follow a set of practices when given time to focus in a classroom; true fluency is a skilful, routine practice that persists when your mind is distracted with other things. It is noteworthy that team fluency is not just the capability of individuals in the team. It should transcend norms and transform individual abilities or competencies to one that of the team. It greatly depends on the company culture, interpersonal relationships, organization structures and many other aspects of a team dynamics. Lack of Team Fluency is, however, not the mistake of an individual team member and the knowledge itself will empower the team member more to the project. Team fluency depends on more than just the capability of the individuals on the team. It also depends on management structures, relationships, organizational culture, and more.

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Blockchain emerging trends and building your first blockchain

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