Lateral &
Disruptive thinking

We solve problems through an indirect and creative approach,
using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that
may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic

Global Delivery Center

The State-Of-The-Art Global Delivery Facility
in Technopark, Kerala, India


We are

Delivered organization level agile coaching
for Product development and consulting companies
in North America

A company wholly devoted to
the art and science of software.

Big Data Experts.

The Big Data Genius possessed by Cycloides is the ultimate data platform to delegate technology and business teams thereby enabling
development of industry specific insights, accelerating and empowering real time discovery of data.

Defect free software

We have expertise to perform Quality Control along
the entire spectrum of product development

Salesforce Practice

Cycloides' seasoned SF consultants are with a proven expertise in Salesforce practice and diverse industry background.
A team of SFDC Dev401, and certified professionals.

Power of Lateral Thinking!

Cycloides Inc is an organization wholly dedicated to the art and science of software. We build and deliver high quality software products.Cycloides has been structured to bring in a precise and concrete influence throughout the software world, by building and delivering optimum quality software products. Cycloides offers software delivery, pioneering tools and consulting for organizations with aspiring goals.

Design Thinking

We have established a Design Thinking Center of Excellence. Empathize and creating inspirable UI and UX Designs through following UX best practices and combining User Experience design skills across the organization.

Unlocking potential

Long-term sustainability of quality solutions that translate into better products for organizations. Never under estimate the power of dreams and the influence of the technology.

Get ahead

Cycloides will assist you in amplifying and delivering your ideas to customers at a quick pace. We will incorporate creativity to command over your ideas and will guide you to turn them into software.

Cycloides Global Delivery Model

Our unique 'Cycloides Global Delivery Model'(CGDM) is one of it's kind allowing you to choose the best sourcing strategy appropriate to your needs. We have a day and night approach meaning we provide boundless support on all operations 24/7. CGDM leverage's diverse technical language and domain specific capabilities making it facile to deliver high quality solutions at a much faster pace and in conformance with local ordinance requirements as well as cultural preferences.

We encourage creativity and help our clients through groundbreaking technologies as we are are fast moving from industrialization to intelligence. This helps us deliver breakthrough productivity making every single penny invested rewarding. Greater intelligence in IT is helping us deliver breakthrough productivity and performance; putting every dollar of IT investment to more effective use.


Quality @ Cycloides

Cycloides India

Cycloides Inc. committed to excellence in quality deliverance. We have been following CMMI L5 process model for the execution of projects. Our highly experienced and skilled consultants, engineers can help to identify the right path towards customer's business objectives and guide towards the goals.

Cycloides's Quality Center of Excellence offers a set of standards, processes and templates for use across all IT domains. The standards, processes and templates established by the Center of Excellence can be used for both in-house custom-developed applications as well as vendor-owned systems.

Strategic Partners

Recent Projects


360Winery is a user-friendly and end-to-end winery software that helps you track costs and manage all aspects of your winery business – from vine to wine!


The first Polyglot Persistence Framework which supports SQL Server and Apache Couch DB.

Canada Payroll


Paie-Roll is a simplified approach to Canada payroll, best suited for small and medium businesses.


BOLO Mobile is a photo sharing application for law-enforcement only.